WAT Foundation
Human Intention Applications


Conduct meaningful research in the field of Psychoenergetic Science in order to expand, document and demonstrate human ability to measurably influence physical matter via conscious and focused mental intention so that we can better address and resolve problems and difficulties present in today's world.

This mission is based upon, and articulated in, the four seminal works and the 400 plus whitepapers written by William A. Tiller, Ph.D. We work to discover and detail how human consciousness interacts with energies and materials in physical matter. We share our discoveries with both the scientific community and the general populous via books and
                                                                free whitepapers.

A key part of our research is focused on identifying the multi-dimensional aspects of energies that are typically undetectable using traditional scientific tools. We publicize the knowledge we gain to foster the creation of new technologies to provide the foundation for a promising future for all.

Our ultimate goal is the development and creation of scientific technologies that will enable humankind to experience and enjoy a higher level and quality of life.

The WAT Foundation for Human Intention Applications is an Arizona Corporation incorporated on September 3, 2015, exclusively for research and educational purposes.